University of Victoria Centre for Athletics, Recreation, and Special Abilities

Victoria, British of Columbia
The team of UVic

Project Description

Vikes Athletics and Recreation, at the University of Victoria, provides healthy-living activities to approximately 21,000 students, and hosts community events and programs. CanAssist and Vikes aim to make the facility more accessible and inclusive by installing automatic door openers. They identified the need for button-activated doors during consultations with community members, as well as accessibility experts.

Project Team Q&A

  1. Why did you decide to break down barriers in your community?

    We’re deeply committed to making the Centre for Athletics, Recreation, and Special Abilities (CARSA) a fully inclusive facility for everyone on campus and in the wider community. The “Busting Barriers at CARSA” project will make our facility accessible for all patrons and visitors.

  2. How is this project going to make a difference in your community?

    By installing automatic door openers, anyone with a mobility challenge will be able to enter and leave the facility independently and safely. By removing this physical barrier, we want people of all abilities to feel welcome and included, and be encouraged to participate in CARSA’s growing number of accessible recreation projects.

  3. What’s the best thing about being a Barrier Buster?

    Being a Barrier Buster means we’re able to provide innovative programs, technologies, and services to people of all abilities, without limitations. We want to be a leader in accessibility and an inclusive resource on campus and in the broader community.

Awareness Event


November 30, 2017

Busting Barriers at CARSA

Location: Field House Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA), University of Victoria, Victoria BC

Time: 9am-11:30am

Description: Both Open House and Education Day, hosted by OneAbility, are part of the third annual ProMotion Week, highlighting inclusive sport and physical activity programs for people with disabilities. During Open House, learn more about adapted sport and physical activity. On Education Day, guest speakers will talk on issues of disability, accessibility, and inclusion; food and beverages will be served to education attendees.

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