Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology's staff

Project Description

The Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology (MITT) delivers high school, post-secondary education, and apprenticeship training in partnership with industry and the communities they serve. Provincial accessibility legislation combined with a strategic priority to provide a student-centred learning environment means MITT is committed to creating an accessible, inclusive environment for people of all abilities. The Barrier Buster grant enabled MITT to install automatic doors at six washrooms located on two of its Winnipeg campuses.

Project Team Q&A

  1. Why did you decide to break down barriers in your community?

    Removing barriers to accessibility within the built environment is one of the objectives of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act. Within MITT, this includes barrier-free access to washroom facilities for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. As a learning environment, with campuses open to the public, each measure MITT takes to create universal accessibility will, we believe, lead to greater equality within these physical environments.

  2. How is this project going to make a difference in your community?

    MITT attracts people from across the province and around the world. Whether it is a student in a classroom, an employee, the guest of a graduate at convocation, or a visitor taking part in one of our campus tours, a large number of people will benefit from this simple, but essential, infrastructure improvement.

  3. What’s the best thing about being a Barrier Buster?

    Being a Barrier Buster shows how committed MITT is to creating an accessible campus for everyone who comes here to work, study, or visit. At the heart of this project is a practical solution to an accessibility barrier. Because MITT is doing so as part of a national initiative to address accessibility issues, we are joining a conversation that commits all its participants to constantly learn and refine their knowledge and understanding of the different types of accessibility barriers.

Awareness Event


May 26, 2017

Pathways Toward an Accessible Campus Community

Location: 130 Henlow Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Time: 9:45 - 11:30 a.m.

Description: The public event includes an Elder blessing and hoop dance performance by an MITT student/graduate, a keynote from a Rick Hansen Foundation Ambassador, and the unveiling of a Barrier Buster plaque. Lunch will be provided. MITT will provide an update on its progress towards the first standard of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, and announce a pilot accessibility training program for staff.

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