Luther College at the University of Regina

Regina, Saskatchewan
Luther College's team

Project Description

Located on the University of Regina campus, Luther College is a liberal arts college that is committed to serving students of all backgrounds and abilities by nurturing intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.

To better support students on campus with disabilities, as well as faculty, staff and guests, infrastructure improvements will be made to two washrooms. Improvements will include installing automatic power doors and replacing fixtures with accessible versions (toilets with automatic flush valves, hands-free faucets, touchless hand dryers) and applying properly placed grab bars. These renovations will enhance the privacy, dignity, and independence of users with permanent and temporary disabilities.

Project Team Q&A

  1. Why did you decide to break down barriers in your community?

    Luther College at the University of Regina (LCUR) is a welcoming and supportive community within the larger University of Regina campus. Although our library, classrooms, and cafeteria are fully accessible, our washrooms are only semi-accessible and not meeting the needs of all users. Being as LCUR is in a separate detached building, fully accessible facilities are absolutely necessary so that students do not experience limitations in course selection due to the availability of nearby facilities.

  2. How is this project going to make a difference in your community?

    Fully accessible washrooms will help reduce physical barriers at LCUR. We hope to ensure that all students and members of the community who attend classes at and/or visit our campus for College and community events will experience less barriers and therefore feel more comfortable and welcome in our building.

  3. What’s the best thing about being a Barrier Buster?

    The best thing about being a Barrier Buster is knowing that our efforts are contributing to our inclusive environment by reducing barriers and enhancing student’s academic experience.

Awareness Event


September 7, 2017

Accessibility Awareness Fair

Location: Luther College, Student Lounge/Common Area, 3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina, SK, S4S 0A2

Time: 10am-2pm

Description: The Accessibility Awareness Fair will be held during the University of Regina's (UofR) fall 2017 "Welcome Week" where students participate in a number of events across campus. To showcase the campus’s Barrier Buster project, there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by a pizza lunch and a presentation by a Rick Hansen Foundation Ambassador.

For more information, please contact:
Michelle Clark at or 306.585.5144