John McGivney Children's Centre

Windsor, Ontario

Project Description

The John McGivney Children's Centre (JMCC) provides rehabilitation, education, child care, and support services for more than 2,800 children with various needs. In 2010, the Centre completed an expansion and renovation project that tripled the square footage of the building and provided a state-of-the-art facility.

Now with its Access4All grant, JMCC will redevelop its outdoor area to create an accessible playground and nature experience for both play and therapy purposes. The project will turn the space into an area of inclusive play and participation for youth with various disabilities, their families, friends, and the community.

Project Team Q&A

  1. Why did you decide to break down barriers in your community?

    With the success of our updated building, we turned our attention to the potential of the surrounding green space for additional ways to help youth achieve social and health benefits. Our plan is to transform our outdoor area into place where the entire community can play, learn, and adventure together.

  2. How is this project going to make a difference in your community?

    Our accessible playground and nature experience will be a place where children with disabilities, their families, their friends, and the community can interact together. A space like this doesn’t currently exist in our community so it will have a significant and far-reaching impact, and will be enjoyed by generations of families to come.

  3. What’s the best thing about being a Barrier Buster?

    The best thing is making a difference in the community and creating opportunities for everyone to be involved and included. We cannot wait until the construction is complete and we can see the smiles on the faces of those enjoying it!

Awareness Event


September 9, 2017

Super Hero Fun Day

Location: 3945 Matchette Road, Windsor ON, N9C4C2

Time: 10am- 2pm

Description: Play McGivney’s annual Super Hero Fun Day is back and this time with a new twist! Not only will there be food, entertainment and activities for the whole family, but guests will also have the opportunity to en-joy the brand-new accessible playground. Dress up like your favourite Super Hero and join in for an awe-some day!

For more information, please contact:
Danielle Mulvey at